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Thread: New Server

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    New Server

    This site has moved to a new server.

    Please report any problems you might have in this thread.


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    Problem fixed.. avatars, etc. should now upload properly.
    Problem fixed.. purchase links in Firefox and Chrome should work properly now.

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    What i want to know is.... how is this site so damn fast?!?!? This is crazy quick.

    Makes mine look like they're standing still.

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    LOL.. you would not believe how many people ask that same question.

    Server configuration and management is what I've done for years. And when you get a server it is setup as a 'generic' server. It is not optimized in any way. They all need to be properly configured to run the way they should.

    And, to baffle you even more. The server I'm running is around 6 years obsolete.
    It's a Dual AMD Opteron 248 (2 single core CPUs) with 16Gb Ram and two 80Gb drives in a raid 1 configuration.

    EDIT: And I also pre-test any mods I install on an offliine server. If they add load, I usually either rewrite them or don't install them.

    On servers I manage for other people, I always have final say on whether or not a mod gets installed.
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    Want to take a look at mine? how much?

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    Is it a true dedicated server? (not a vps or shared host)

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    Yes it's a dedi. No VPS or shared here.

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    PM sent. Let me know.

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    So how much per month for a hosting such as you use here?
    This place is so fast...

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Joe View Post
    So how much per month for a hosting such as you use here?
    This place is so fast...
    This server in my own mini-datacenter. I can walk out of my office, open a door and physically touch the server. Therefore there is no charge other than the data lines coming into my building.

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    Nice! I could only be so lucky.
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    Senior Member must PM me the specs. I would love to build my own data center.

    I know you're doing a crap ton of work right now for me, but If i can build my datacenter over the span of a couple months... id start.

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