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      vBulletin Raffles Usergroup Entry Limits

      Version: 1.0.0, by (Administrator/Coder) Snog is offline
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      vB Version: 4.1.x Rating:  (3 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 7
      Released: 12-27-2011 Last Update: Never Downloads: 36
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      It's Christmas and I'm feeling generous so here's a free add-on. Beside that, it's a very short simple add-on.

      This add-on for vBulletin Raffles allows different usergroups to have different entry limits for each raffle.

      It comes as a result of a request from a forum that has over 170,000 members and has run raffles with over 60,000 entries (which is a record for the raffle system so far as I know).

      This add-on is designed for use with vBulletin Raffles vB4.x version 1.3.3 or higher.
      It WILL NOT work with earlier versions of vBulletin Raffles.

      1) Import the product XML file (product-raffleentries.xml) into the Product Manager in AdminCP.

      1) Go to AdminCP->Raffles->Edit Raffles (or Add New Raffle) and you will find there is now a new selection, Usergroup Entry Limits.

      2) To give different usergroups different entry limits, enter the usergroup and the number of entries allowed for that group with a pipe symbol between them (example: 2|100 would allow usergroup 2, 100 entries).
      You can enter more than one usergroup if you like, just separate the entries with a comma (example: 2|100,6|10).
      Any usergroup not entered will get the number of entries set in Maximum User Entries Permitted.
      The number of entries for a usergroup will show in the Entries per User display of the Raffle Detail page. So, each member of a usergroup will see the proper number there.

      3) Save the raffle.

      1.0.0 (December 27, 2011)
      - Initial Release

      Download Now

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    Thank you for this!


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    Quote Originally Posted by scottct1 View Post
    Thank you for this!

    Absolutely no problem.

    Even though I don't post very much, I enjoy your site.

    Besides, a couple of years ago Digiblur helped me out a little with a programming project so this just pays that back to some extent.

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    Wow. Thank you very much for this!.
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    Just what the Dr. ordered, thank you so much, needed this =)

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    Does this work with additional usergroups too?

    Registered members can have 1 ticket
    Level 2 members can have 2 tickets.

    A user has a primary usergroup of Registered Member and a Secondary usergroup of Level 2. How many entries will they have? 3?

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    It does work with additional groups, but the entries are not cumulative.

    The highest usergroup ID the member has is used for the number of entries given.

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    Ok. You mean the usergroup that has the highest number of entries allowed is used right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Ok. You mean the usergroup that has the highest number of entries allowed is used right?
    No, I mean the highest usergroup ID.

    IE: If a member has a usergroup of 2 and an additional group of 10, the entries for usergroup 10 will be used.

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    Cool I was just thinking of doing something like this if my raffles take off as I would like them to, thanks
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    I've been limiting our entries for different classes of members from month to month. This is a much better way of doing it, thanks for writing and releasing it.


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