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Country Flags by IP Address

Country Flags by IP Address 2.0.10

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1
Shows what country your members are in based on their current IP address.

This add-on uses MaxMind's GeoLite2-Country database and MaxMind's DB Reader. This add-on does not require mod_geoip to be installed on your server.

  • Works with both IPV4 and IPV6 IP addresses
  • Select what user groups can view flags
  • Select where the flags are displayed.
  • Automatic database updates
Flag view permissions are no longer in add-on options, they are in user/user group permissions.​

BC Math for PHP must be installed on server and PHP must be configured to use BC Math.

This add-on connects to the MaxMind database site to download the MaxMind database during installation. If it is unable to connect to MaxMind, the installation will halt before the install can continue and no changes to your system will take place.

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Latest updates

  1. Country Flags by IP Address Update 2.0.10

    Fix - Flag being displayed over online indicator under some circumstances (XF 2.1)
  2. Country Flags by IP Address Update 2.0.9

    Fix - Flag over avatar being improperly displayed in deleted posts Add - Some minor changes for...
  3. Country Flags by IP Address Update 2.0.8

    Add - Option to display resource creator's country flag in resource list Add - Option to display...
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