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Daily Doodle 1.0.2

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This add-on has been ported for use with XenForo with the permission of BirdOPrey5.

Most people know that Google changes its logo on specific days to honor holidays, birthdays, or other notable events. They call these temporary logos "Google Doodles." Many XenForo Admins like to mark special days by temporarily changing our forum logos as well. Usually this means manually changing the the header style properties on one or more styles and/or overwriting the file on our server with a new logo and having to remember to undo it the next day. Also if you're not up at midnight it is unlikely you actually cover the entire day.

This add-on makes scheduling future and reocurring doodles much easier. You simply enter the date you want the doodle to appear, the URL or path to the special logo image, and an optional string of text if you want to override the mouseover text of the logo image as well. (This way say if a user brings the mouse pointer over a special logo the text can reflect the image, such as "Happy Valentine’s Day" for a Valentine’s Day logo.

If you specify the year, month, and day then Doodle will only appear that one time. If you omit the year and specify just a month and day the same doodle will show every year on that date which is good for birthdays and holidays that always occur on the same date.

You can also assign a custom URL to the logo as well. Link internally (perhaps to a calendar or thread about this special day) or externally to any other site you want.
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does what youd expect it to, although i wish it were easier to create multi-day holidays (like the xmas season).
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