Game Thread Starter for XenForo

Game Thread Starter for XenForo 2.1.8

No permission to buy ($30.00)
- Added poster slider & detailed carousel widgets
- Fixed "[E_NOTICE] Undefined index: publishers src/addons/Snog/Games/Cron/DataUpdate.php:94" error
- Fixed wrong method call in UserGamesThreadCountRebuild job.

PS: For manual rebuilding use the "[OzzModz] TGDb Game Thread Starter: Thread count rebuild" rebuild tool
  • Feature: store user game thread count & add user criteria


  • Code refactor & cleanup
  • Fixed errors on attempts to rate/edit/upload box for non-existing game
  • Fixed minor errors
WARNING: After add-on upgrade will be automatically started thread count calculation rebuild job. This may take some time to complete (depends on forum size).
Fixed: A template modification that was only allowing those with inline moderation privileges to view the game info in threads.
Fixed: A template modification in XF 2.2 that showed the game info twice.
Please take a backup before installing this version, that way if something goes wrong you can restore to a working point!!!

Should be good to go with XF 2.2 Only thing you need to do is turn off the polls in the node(s) under the setting "Allowed thread types" for the game forums.
Fixed: Errors would occur while uploading an image if one did not originally exist.
Fixed: A possible SQL injection in the unlikely event theTGDB doesn't clean data before entering it in their database. Thanks to @TickTackk for the report.
An update to the Game Thread Starter for XenForo 2.x has been released. Those that have purchased this add-on, please log into your account to download this update.
  • Fix - Rating stars not showing in thread list with UiX style
WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE ON XENFORO 2.0.x. XenForo 2.0.x is no longer supported with this update.