[OzzModz] Badges

[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.1

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- Feature: [bd] Medals importer
- Feature: option to take away badges on member ban
- Feature: Material Design Icon support (disabled by default in add-on options)
- Fix: don't allow awarding revoked badges with criteria for users

How to import from [bd] Medals?

  1. Disable import source add-on
  2. Install this add-on
  3. In your admin panel navigate to Tools -> Import data and select "[OzzModz] Badges: {IMPORT_SOURCE_ADDON}"
  4. If everything is imported correctly you can uninstall the previous add-on
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Now That Ive got your attention:
This release contains new functions that should be fully tested, take a full backup before installing on a production site. Optimally try it out on a test site that is a replication of your live site before installing on the live site. It has had limited testing.

Badges will now automatically be revoked if the user no longer meets the criteria.

This update needs to be well tested.

PS: "Is recallable" option must be checked in badge edit page for such badges to be revoked

Possible fix for badges display issue on user profiles.
- Added badge export/import (XML file)
- Added batch badge deletion
- Refactored badge awarding/un-awarding (old methods now deprecated and will be removed in next major version)
Full changelog:
  • Added integration with DragonByte Credits (with event negation support)
  • Fixed missing CSS class on featured badges for visitors without permission to view awarded list
  • Added style property for size of badge in mobile profile
  • Сhanged key for "Size of badge in message (single column)" style property (may need to be reconfigured)
  • "Awards you a new badge" notification preference now will not be displayed if emails disabled globally in add-on options
  • Fixed missing tooltips on member profile badges for visitors without "View awarded lists" permission
  • Fixed incorrect URL param in badge reason edit form
- Added permission to view others badges member tab
- Added permission to view "members awarded with badge" list
- Added style property for badge size on single column member profile view
- Fix: Errors with passing null to phrase_dynamic() method in template ozzmodz_badges_featured_badges_macros
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This update contains breaking changes that was tested in a limited environment.
Take a backup before installing on a production site.
  • Added repetitive badges support
  • Added caching for badge awarded number
  • Added marking alerts read on member badges tab page
  • Added badge & badge category icon uploader
Fixed rebuild job is not running automatically after add-on upgrade.
- Fix: badges sort page incorrect redirect
- Fix: badge category edit url
- Fix: removing alert on badge un-award