[OzzModz] Badges

[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.1

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- Fixed "Members awarded with this badge" page pagination url
- Added rebuild tool to rebuild user badge cache (required to apply the "Sort Order" option changes)
- Added notice to "Sort Order" option about cache rebuild
- Fix: featured user badges caching
- Fix: force badge title phrase name caching
- Fix: broken badge count calculation for importer (for already completed import you can run the "Recalculate badge count" rebuild job)
- Allow to retain ids with existing badges in importer (if checked will purge them in target add-on (OzzModz))
- Fix: category title import
- Fix: incorrect redirect on category remove
- Fix: badge images import
- Fix: broken user badge importer
- Fix: do not import badges for non-existing users
- Fix: broken user badge featuring
- Fix: rebuild caches after import
- Fix: incorrect link to help page
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- Added missing phrase
- Fixed null foreach() argument in badge cache rebuild
- Fixed error on push alert
Fixed importer error "Attempted to convert object to JSON array [user_criteria]"
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