[OzzModz] Prefix Actions

[OzzModz] Prefix Actions 2.0.6 Patch Level 1

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Fixed: InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter 'snog_move_to' on XenAddons\LD:ItemPrefix[1] src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Entity.php:208

Thanks to @bob
Support: XF 2.2
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Prefix Actions
Added: Support link for addon in the addon list in the ACP.
  • Add - Move thread to different forum when prefix is selected
  • Fix - Error when Xon's Multi-prefix add-on is disabled
  • Fix - Users unable to change prefix after edit timeout
  • Fix - Template errors when editing resource prefixes
  • Fix - Error when quick closing thread and prefix assigned to thread doesn't exist
NOTE: A thread normally wouldn't have a prefix assigned to it that doesn't exist. That problem is not caused by this add-on. This add-on does not assign or change prefix IDs to the thread.
  • Remove - Unneeded class extension
  • Change - Support for Xon's Multi-prefix add-on from list to array type
NOTE: Actions taken with Xon's Multi-prefix add-on will always be the one for last prefix in the list.