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  • If you have obtained any of my premium add-ons from another site, you DO NOT have a valid license for those add-ons and no support will be given to you.
    The only place that can sell licenses for my premium add-ons is this site.
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AudioDB Music Thread Starter [Paid] 1.0.3

In support mode only
No longer available for purchase


Validated XF Owner
Just a heads up for everyone that owns this add-on....

When you see the "FANART.TV" logo on an album page, there is no album cover at The AudioDB and you will have a broken image for that album.


Validated XF Owner
WARNING: If you've removed or re-arranged any of the BB Codes used in the first post of ANY of the music threads, you will experience errors if you upgrade to the XF 2 version of the add-on and may not be able to upgrade to it. If you have done this, put all of the deleted BB Codes or moved BB Codes back into your posts the way the were originally.

If you have not manually edited and deleted BB Codes from the posts, you can ignore this warning.
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