The Present


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Title: The Present
Artist: The Moody Blues
Genre: Rock
Released: 1983

1 - Blue World - 5:19
2 - Meet Me Halfway - 4:08
3 - Sitting at the Wheel - 5:40
4 - Going Nowhere - 5:33
5 - Hole in the World - 1:54
6 - Under My Feet - 4:51
7 - It's Cold Outside of Your Heart - 4:27
8 - Running Water - 3:23
9 - I Am - 1:40
10 - Sorry - 5:02

The Present is the eleventh album by The Moody Blues. It is the second album of the Patrick Moraz era. It had three minor hit singles, "Blue World" (#62), "Sitting at the Wheel" (#27) and "Running Water". The album itself features strong compositions, but with a track order designed to capitalise on the legacy of the more successful Long Distance Voyager, with Justin Hayward's songs at the beginning and Ray Thomas' as finales.

The Present also became, in 1983, the first compact disc manufactured worldwide. In November 2008, the album was remastered and released on CD with two extra tracks.

The cover is a pastiche of Maxfield Parrish's famous painting Daybreak, with some subtle details: The crossed arms of the standing child is said to symbolise the roman numeral X, this being the Moody Blues' tenth album (with Lodge and Hayward).
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