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I love this add-on. After use the XF1 version i have buy and install (on my testforum, my live-forum is running on 1.5.15 for now) the XF2 version. The upgrade works fine.
This add on is really nice for the owner to be able to have so many ways for members to fill in different forms.
I do like this add on and it does give you a way to give a bit more back to your forum members.
This has always been one of my favorite add ons change your forum into a real interactive site for your members. I enjoy the fact that you able to move away from your forums theme but also not make members feel that other types of forum topic areas are encroaching on your core forum gene.
This is another must have if you run any type of entertainment site. I love the different ways you able to manage series episodes as members watch them and review that episode.
I really like this one and it is handy if you doing any type of problem solving with members having issues on your forum. I found the members also get a kick out of just seeing who is using what.
Another awesome add on and I must have if you have any type of entertainment site.
I could not run my forum with out this one it is a must have.
I love this Addon. Excellent work.
Great little "extra" !