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Social Groups for XenForo 2.1+

Social Groups for XenForo 2.1+ 2.1.10

No permission to buy ($49.00)
What styles does this work with?
This add-on has been tested with the following styles:​
  • XenForo Default
  • ThemeHouse UiX2 styles (version 2.0.6 or later)
  • PixelExit styles
Any other styles have not been tested and require someone to supply the style for testing.​

Why do all of my users need their primary user group to be registered?
While it's not required, it is strongly recommended. The registered user group is used to set the base permissions for all group forums. If the group system didn't do that and you disabled or uninstalled the add-on, all of your group forums would instantly become visible to everyone.​
The same method is also used to set group sub-forum permissions to different values than the main group forum.​
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