[OzzModz] Email Staff When New Post/Thread In Mod Queue

[OzzModz] Email Staff When New Post/Thread In Mod Queue [Paid] 2.0.2

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Is it possible in a later version that the email is sent to the respective forum moderator?
At the moment the email goes to all moderators, even if they are not responsible for the section.
Would it be possible to write an add-on that sends an email if a new registration has to be moderated?
I have this addon ( Register email ). But sometimes I receive no mail from this addon (maybe a bug) and I can't see, that a new user is waiting for moderation.
It would be useful if you get an alarm when an activation is pending. This is only necessary for 4% of the registrations.
With AndyB's addon I always receive an email.
Hi. I've installed and activated the add-on, but the permissions option for "Receive alert on moderated thread/post" stayed the same. There is no option for "Receive alert/email on moderated thread/post" on the permission page. I am using XenForo 2.2.4. Can you please advise?
Ozzy47 ozzy47 Just installed this on the latest xenforo version and me and my staff aren't getting any notifications, I've made sure to set the right permissions and check spam for emails. Any idea what could be wrong?
Incorrect add-on sorry deleted