[OzzModz] Ignore Files From Health Check

[OzzModz] Ignore Files From Health Check [Paid] 2.0.2

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Thank you for coming up with something like this.. Much easier than editing the hashes file(s) each time! :)
Bug report for version: 2.0.1

Ignored a file, ran the file check and this error was reported.

Full error trace:
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Sorry Ozzy47 ozzy47, I know you're busy - just thought I'd give this a bump..

I ended up disabling the add-on since the errors were just as annoying as the health check results, but it'd be great to have a "clean" admin panel.. ;)
Thanks for your efforts, working perfectly! :)
There doesn't appear to be a way of viewing ignored files if there aren't any non-ignored files triggering the dreaded notification?

Unless I'm missing something, which is entirely possible.. ;)
No ignored files are missing or inconsistent.

..they definitely are, because I've ignored them for a reason ;)
It looks like when you ignore them, the same files don't show in ignored files for future checks - you have to go back to previous checks.
Is it possible to add an extra colum in the ACP File health check results with a count of how many ignored files there are?

This would make it easier to search for results to view ignored files (as above)