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Hot on the heels of Harley’s surprisingly-cool LiveWire, new start-up electric bike company Lito has gone into production with this stunning-looking bike called the Sora, with claims of a 119mph top speed and a combined city and highway range of around 125 miles.

The bike manages to look a lot more stylish than many electric offerings, but is also packing some serious performance thanks to a 12kWh lithium-polymer battery and a motor which produces 66ftlb of torque, combined with a CVT gearless transmission.

The bike has been in development for three years, and has now entered production with a host of top-level components including an aluminium frame, inverted fork, and an electrically-adjustable seat which can be moved at the touch of a button while riding.

There’s no UK dealer yet, but there is one in Belgium, and one in Germany, while the prices may put many off at a hefty €49,000 (£39,174).
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