[OzzModz] Badges

[OzzModz] Badges 2.1.5

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Possible fix for badges display issue on user profiles.
- Added badge export/import (XML file)
- Added batch badge deletion
- Refactored badge awarding/un-awarding (old methods now deprecated and will be removed in next major version)
Full changelog:
  • Added integration with DragonByte Credits (with event negation support)
  • Fixed missing CSS class on featured badges for visitors without permission to view awarded list
  • Added style property for size of badge in mobile profile
  • Сhanged key for "Size of badge in message (single column)" style property (may need to be reconfigured)
  • "Awards you a new badge" notification preference now will not be displayed if emails disabled globally in add-on options
  • Fixed missing tooltips on member profile badges for visitors without "View awarded lists" permission
  • Fixed incorrect URL param in badge reason edit form
- Added permission to view others badges member tab
- Added permission to view "members awarded with badge" list
- Added style property for badge size on single column member profile view
- Fix: Errors with passing null to phrase_dynamic() method in template ozzmodz_badges_featured_badges_macros
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This update contains breaking changes that was tested in a limited environment.
Take a backup before installing on a production site.
  • Added repetitive badges support
  • Added caching for badge awarded number
  • Added marking alerts read on member badges tab page
  • Added badge & badge category icon uploader
Fixed rebuild job is not running automatically after add-on upgrade.
- Fix: badges sort page incorrect redirect
- Fix: badge category edit url
- Fix: removing alert on badge un-award
- Fixed "Members awarded with this badge" page pagination url
- Added rebuild tool to rebuild user badge cache (required to apply the "Sort Order" option changes)
- Added notice to "Sort Order" option about cache rebuild
- Fix: featured user badges caching
- Fix: force badge title phrase name caching
- Fix: broken badge count calculation for importer (for already completed import you can run the "Recalculate badge count" rebuild job)