[OzzModz] Gif Avatar Permissions

[OzzModz] Gif Avatar Permissions 2.0.0

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Compatible XF Versions
2.1, 2.2
This simple addon will allow you to set which usergroups have the permission to upload gif avatars. Gif avatars are typically animated and many admins don't like all users to have them.

This is a screenshot of the usergroup setting:
gif avatar perm.png

If a user tries to upload a gif avatar, and they do not have the proper permission, they will get a error message:
no perm gif.png

This only sets permission to upload, if you have not configured your server or XF to allow Animated gif 's then this will not change that. Typically you need to have the "Default image processor" In XF set to "Imagemagick PECL extension" and your server needs to have imagemagick PECL extention installed.
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