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[OzzModz] Logo Essentials 2.0.0

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This simple addon provides useful settings and properties for the Xenforo logo, addressing the most often asked questions about logo customization.

No more having to search Google or Xenforo.com, or pasting CSS into your theme to make basic changes!

  • Specify optional URL path for the navigation small logo image (if left blank, it will use the main logo as normal in the mobile nav)
  • Center the header logo
  • Specify max-height and max-width for the header logo
  • Specify max-height and max-width for the navigation small logo
  • Customize both the header and small logo via Style Properties!
By default, Xenforo uses the same logo in both the desktop and mobile/compact navigation. If you're using a very large or complex logo, this can look quite messy on smaller screens. Now, you can specify a mobile logo to use in this case.

With the added Style Properties, you can add custom CSS directly to your logos - useful for adding borders, hover effects, filters and transitions.

Q: Where can I find the settings?
This lightweight plugin adds an extra URL path for the small logo in Style Properties -> Basic options.
You can find the other settings in Style Properties -> Header and navigation. See the attached screenshots for examples.
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