[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator

[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator 2.1.0

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Added: Now will store and show the date in the log. This applies for new entries, older ones have no date.
Brought version up to 2.x match other products.
Changed: One of the template modifications to be compatible with an up and coming addon.
This is an update to remove my IP address from the log viewing permissions for the addon. This has been in the addon form the vB days and was there for me to view the logs if people were complaining about false positives with registrations.

It has been brought to my attention that this is unacceptable. So I have immediately removed the code from the addon and issued an update. This will not happen in any addons again.
Fixed: Added code to prevent the addon from being installed on XF version 2.0.x
An update to the Registration Spaminator system for XenForo 2.1+ has been released. Those that have purchased this add-on, please log into your account to download this update.
  • Changed - Some of the fields and the CSS for them to harden the ability to ensure there are no false positives.
  • Added - A new field to the log showing the User Agent. This is to help troubleshoot any false positives that might trigger the addon.
This is a semi major update. I suggest taking a backup before upgrading just to be safe.

I am really happy with the new look of the log, and I am pleased with the results of the new traps.


  • Some unused phrases that were left over from previous fields and such.
  • Unused code in some of the PHP files.
  • Some de-funked template modifications


  • The ipaddress column in the database from 15 characters to 45 to accommodate ipv6 addresses.
  • The website_code column in the database from CHAR 100 to VARCHAR 2500 to accommodate longer URL's.
  • The display of the log. made it more user friendly and easier to read. there ane now checkmarks if a field was filled in, and a X if it was not filled in.
  • The way the captcha is displayed in the log. It will now show a checkmark if a bot filled it in, and a X if it did not. If the field was filled in, you can click on the dropdown arrow to open it and see what the bot actually filled in the field. The new location trap also uses this same display. This was done to get rid of the extra noise on the initial display of the form.


  • A new trap for a location. Most of the bots are filling this in with a URL.
  • Another new trap for a security question. It is a multiple select field that the bots just can not resist.
  • The password confirmation field back to the registration form. Change this time from before is the password is not recorded in the database, only if it was entered or not. Also a user will not be rejected if the password field is filled in, this is to ensure someone using an aggressive auto form filler (such as LastPass) will not get rejected if it is auto filled in. This is now just an additional check to ensure it is a bot submission with the other traps filled out.
Removed the password input field and the logging of password field. This was done to ensure user privacy in case there is ever a false positive.