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[OzzModz] Simple Stats 2.1.1 Patch Level 2

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  1. 2.2
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A collection of useful common statistics with advanced criteria


  • ACP page that displays table of common statistics for certain content and actions (View statistic ACP permission required)
  • Date range filter
  • Limit of entries option
  • Order direction option
  • Query depended options: Node ID, Reaction IDs, User state, User's total message count
  • Export tool to BB-Code table
Supported statistics:

  • XF:
    • Registered user count
    • Active user count
    • Thread count by users
    • Post count by users
    • Most reacted users
    • User bookmark count
    • User attachment size
    • User report received count
    • User report assigned count
    • Thread count
    • Thread reply count
    • Thread view count
    • Thread watch count
    • Post count
    • Post reaction count
  • XFRM:
    • User resource count
    • User rating count
    • Resource view count
    • Resource update count
    • Resource reactions count
    • Resource comment count
  • XFMG:
    • User media count
    • Media reaction count
Any other statistics by your request. (if data is stored by XF or add-ons)





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