{OzzModz} XenPorta Improvments

{OzzModz} XenPorta Improvments 2.0.1 Beta 1

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Xenforo 2.1.0+, XenPorta 2 (Portal) Pro by 8WayRun

A collection of awesome new features for the widely popular XenPorta 2 Featured Threads addon by 8WayRun! Adds a new horizontal list layout, widget enhancements, animations and more.

Feature list:
  • New horizontal list layout
  • New FontAwesome UI controls for the Feature slider
  • You can now set articles-per-row setting (grid) to individual widgets, overriding the default option!
  • Move article titles below thumbnails
  • Show author avatars on articles, lists and widgets
  • Image hover effects (zoom, rotate, or both)!
  • Image overlay filters, with hover transition and FontAwesome icon!
  • Set max characters (with ellipsis..) for article titles
  • Change the Category and Continue links below articles to plain buttons or inline text style
  • Changes the Categories widget to use the Xenforo accordion menu appearance
  • Display the Featured Banner or first attached image above article content on the article view page! (Similar to Wordpress blogs.) If a Featured Video has been assigned, it will display above the article!
  • ... Set the priority to check first and display the Featured Banner (if assigned), or the first attached image. If the priority image is not found, the remaining option will be used.
  • ... Set full width and alignment to Featured Banner on the article view page
  • ... Set ratio (16:9, etc) for Featured Video on the article view page
  • New alternate thread author block, using avatar and member profile bio
  • Numerous handy style properties to customize your layouts!


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