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Raffles for XenForo 2.x 2.0.10

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Why can't my staff create a raffle from the front-end?
This has been discussed many times over the lifespan of this add-on (vB and XF).​
Creating raffles must remain in the hands of admins/owners due to the responsibility of making good on a raffle.​
For example, a disgruntled moderator decides to run a one day raffle for a brand new computer. People enter the raffle and a winner is drawn. But, there was never a computer to give away. How does that reflect on the site owner/admin? Are they then responsible to supply that new computer? In some areas, the law would say yes. Even if the law in an area said no, how would that reflect on the site itself?​
Things similar to that happened very early in the add-on's life. Literally thousands of dollars worth of satellite receivers were raffled off without the site owner's knowledge and he had to make good on the raffles. To combat that, control was moved to the admin area and remains there now.​
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