[OzzModz] Raffles for XenForo

[OzzModz] Raffles for XenForo [Paid] 2.0.15

No permission to buy ($39.00)
The fix for XenForo Beta 8 is now on the download server.

Download the add-on, upload the files to your server and 'Rebuild' from the XenForo add-ons menu.

NOTE!!! This add-on will no longer work properly with XenForo Beta 7 or earlier.
Is this working with the lastest supported XF 2.x release?
Also, is there any way to import old raffles. Been using Raffles for many years and it is nice to have a list of all the raffles we have done in the past for members to see.

I think I just bought the Raffle upgrade twice by mistake. Must have bought it a while ago and just did it again today. Can you check that please>
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Nope, you've only purchased it once.

The first change (bottom one) added you to the XF 2 Raffle Group, the second change (top one) removed you from the XF 1 Raffle Group.

If you purchased the upgrade before, you wouldn't have been in the XF 1 Raffles Group. And you wouldn't have had the option to purchase the upgrade again. (notice that that option is now gone for you)

The only people that have the option to purchase an upgrade a second time are people that own multiple copies of the add-on. You only owned one.
OK cool. Thx
Hi there,

I had a couple of pre-sale questions. I have not used this addon before, so maybe my questions are more suggestions for a different addon.

With this addon, can you define the raffle more as a contest, based on certain criteria? For example, the winner would be the person who created the most new posts over x number of days. Or the person who's posts received the most likes from the community over a certain period while the contest is open.

I'm looking at ways to drive traffic, through contests that incentivice participation. I'm assuming that this addon can create an "entry" per x number of posts, is that correct? What would be great is the option of the winner being the forum user who contributes the most to the community during the contest period.

Thanks for your time.
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Any user criteria that can be used by XenForo itself is allowed as criteria for entering a raffle. XenForo does not have a criteria for posts in X days, so that wouldn't be possible. Look at the criteria for User group promotions for what can be used as criteria for entering a raffle.

The raffle system itself does not create entries for users. Users must manually enter the raffle if they qualify using the XenForo criteria set for the raffle.
Snog Snog how can I edit "Cost per entry: 10 Points" to" Cost per entry: 10 BMF Coins" (my own currency on the forum is called BMF Coins not Points).

And I can get that countdown for sidebar to work. Any special settings?
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The points in that case is the XenForo phrase "points". I'll have to change that so it's a separate phrase and able to be modified on Monday.

For the countdown clock to work, make sure you have "Show in Widget" and "Show countdown clock" checked in the raffle options. And add the widget to your sidebar (Admin->Appearance->Widgets, Add widget, Raffle list).

Also be sure you've set the number of days in "Start countdown clock" in the raffle setup to something where the clock will show.
I see this button "Enter" not correctly display.


My members asking, is there a way to buy tickets in bulk?
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If you mean.. can they enter more than once at one time?

See the 'Entries in time period' setting for the raffle in the 'Limits' tab. Increase that to whatever number of entries you want to allow users to submit at once.
Is anyone having a huge problem with times? My times change, disappear, or other things.