A database back up and install

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What i've never been able to do is get my head around doing a data base back up of a data base then installing it (using a different name as it would be a copy of a data base being used) for testing purposes.

Let's say I want to go from vB to Xenforo
First thing would be to do a test import of everything from my site via a test site with a test data base but the data base would be the a back up copy of the one I use.

This way it would give me a good idea of problems and such for the real import.

So is there an easy and simple explanation on how to do this?
I've never understood the terminology and how to do data base 'dumping' and such.
To do a proper import you need a complete mirror of your site. It has to include all avatar folders, attachment folders, etc. so you would need to copy your entire site to the test site.

The DB does need to be backed up from the live site and imported into the test site. I use these MYSQL commands in an SSH session when I do it..

You must validate your XenForo license to see code

You must validate your XenForo license to see code

After that you would have to set the vB paths, etc. in the ACP of the test site to match the new site.

Then you're ready to import into XF.
First things first. Download putty. Just do a google search. It's fast, free imo one of the best ssh applications out there when you don't need advanced feature sets.

Are you running on a dedicated server? Do you have SSH access? If not I would contact your host and find out if you can get ssh access.

I'll stop there for now lol. No need to overwhelm you with information if you can't SSH into your server.