Add-on Update to XF 2.0 Schedule


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This is the tentative schedule for my premium add-ons to be updated to XF 2.0 and is subject to change.

1) Advanced Application Forms (RELEASED)
2) Raffles (RELEASED)
3) Social Groups (RELEASED)
4) TMDb Movie Threads (RELEASED)
5) OSB Display (RELEASED)
6) TMDb TV Threads (RELEASED)
7) PayPal Donation/Balance System (RELEASED)
8) TGDB Threads (RELEASED)
9) Thread Level Permissions (RELEASED)
10) Style Stats (RELEASED)
11) Music Threads (RELEASED)
12) User Featured Resources (RELEASED)

Free add-ons will be done after the premium add-ons as time allows, but are not a priority.

Also if XF 2.0 has an add-on as a built in function, it will not be updated (premium or free).
For those wondering, I began the process of converting my add-ons to XF2 a while ago. I am taking them slow because I want to be sure I take advantage of all of the power XF2 is bringing to the table that I can.
Well it is nice that all of my must have add on are on this list, I just hope the other developers manage to do the few that I must have from them, lucky they are not that many.
The back end for the raffle system is complete and the front end is coming to life:

Just to keep people informed of what's going on....

I am in the process of updating the Social Group system. This is by far the largest, most complex add-on I've done and the fact that I'm streamlining the system and adding some features it is taking a while to complete.

The to do list has shrunk considerably, but I do still expect this one to be the longest conversion so far.

Unfortunately, I can't post screenshots at this point because they would reveal what has been added. ;)
You sure have been busy with your conversions and this is the one that I am looking forward to seeing completed.
The Social Groups update is complete. I'll be taking a couple of days off before starting the next add-on update.

NOTE: When I say updates are complete, that is pending release of an XF2 version that allows upgrades. Until that is released, there is no way to fully test an upgrade from XF1 to XF2.
Just to let everyone know...

XenForo has updated the main site to XF2 and opened the resource area for XenForo 2 add-ons. I will not be posting my upgraded add-ons there until I can test the add-on installation/upgrade with an upgradable version of XF2.
XenForo has released Beta 1 of XF2.

I'll be starting to test the add-ons that have been completed with the upgradeable version either late today or tomorrow.
Private Threads (the XF 2 version of Thread Level Permissions) is now being tested here.

If any Thread Level Permissions license holders would like to test it on a TEST SITE (not a live site), let me know.
Style statistics is now being tested here.

There are some changes such as you can no longer click on a style to get a list of users. This caused many problems for people with large sites.
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Pity about that as that was a nice feature in this add on.
Yes I can appreciate what that could do :D
Question, I have the OSB Display Owner addon, would I have to repurchase it to use it for XF 2.0?
Interested for Country Flags by IP Address, Force HTTPS Images and No Replies to Locked Threads XF2 Update .... :)