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When using my tablet the header block is not displaying the full width of the forum.

You know I just doing understand some people they just join a forum and their second post is a complaint ........ how blond is that :eek: :D
I just noticed my one is also like this but not as noticable as this.

Yes, leave it to you to find something. :D

It's fixed.

To fix it on your site, go to Style Properties, General and remove the min-width line.
Well of course that is what I am here for but I won't charge you extra for this one consider it a gift :rolleyes: :D

Lol I did not even notice my one was broken uniti I noticed your one :) I like this skin very nice
Would that be under the "Page Width Controller - min-width: 940px;"
Ah cool done, we have a winner in our raffle BTW ;)
Another thing I noticed with these darer skins the underside of the information bars could be a bit lighter. They seem a bit dark and blend into the black background giving the impression that the text is hanging off the bottom of it ;)
That's what I am on about :)
Yes that is better now you can actually see it is supposed to be a shadow below the bar
I see you changed it to just show the same colour, it actually looks better this way
I edited the background graphics and changed the gradient overlay for both areas.

The tab backgroud is a mirror of the original one.

The green one is a totally different gradient.
Ah yes now I noticed the background has been changed as well, also much better like this, easier on the eyes overall.