My add-ons and my retirement


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Effective at the end of this month, I will be retiring.

For those that don't know, I'm in my mid 60's and I made this decision after some long thought about what the result would be if something unexpected should happen to me. I have to be realistic about the fact that the time I have left is far less than the time I've been on earth.

So, I've decided to pass my add-ons on to the most capable hands of Ozzy47. He will handle support and updates for all of my add-ons.

For now, all of my add-ons will remain on, but Ozzy will have full control of them and the site. That should make the transition easier for those that have licenses for my premium add-ons and nothing will change so far as where and how you download them. And they will remain available for purchase there. I will also remain available to Ozzy in the event he has any questions.

I will also respond to questions asked directly to me until the end of the month. After that, all questions should be asked to Ozzy.

With that I'd like to thank everyone, and say that it's been an honor and privilege to have served the XF and vB communities for all these years.
Well over the years my forum has become powered by Snog, I don't think anyone that ever purchased one of your add ons can say they did not get outstanding support over the years.

From my side you sure will be missed as one tends to become safe in what you know and expect from any service delivery vendor. Snog it sure has been my pleasure dealing with you over the years and I am sure whatever you have planned for the future will be a great success.

Thanks once again from myself and my forum for all your effort over the years.

Ive had many addons from snog over the years and the level of support/quality has been nothing but outstanding. Thank you very much Snog Snog and i wish you a very happy retirement.
I can fully understand your reasons, being 65 myself this year and retiring officially next year, we have to make plans for the future, however long that future may be.

You have been and always will be greatly respected by everyone who has had the privilege of using your add-ons and dealing with you personally.

I can only wish you all the very best in your retirement and I hope that it will be a long, happy and upwardly mobile one.

I'm coming back into the fold and your add-ons want on my list - when funds become available lol.

Good luck and happy days.

Snog, you were a staple go-to Mods guy in your vBulletin days we all remember, and are arguably the best most reliable dependable developer on xF dot com as well. Speaking for myself and I'm sure ozzy would agree, you've been a model for how addon devs should behave, should serve their users, and for responsibility now and in the future. Thank you for your service over the years, and thank you for assuring your work will not only continue, but will also be well supported into untold years as well. I know this isn't "goodbye" this is merely a new era for snogssite and the addon adventure, and personally I look forward to helping in small ways, carry on the Snog tradition as I have helped Ozzy since 2013.
You earn retirement for all hard work, now question :) any plan before you go to Tahiti, to giveaway licensed XF1 add ons to XF2, just asking!
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No there isn't. There was an upgrade period where you could purchase the XF2 version at a discounted price, and that period expired a very long time ago. But it's up to Ozzy if he wants to do that or not.
Sorry, I have no plans on giving away licenses nor discounting them for the foreseeable future.
Not been around much for a few years now and sad to read this but guess things change over the years.
As it';s been said, you've been a rock with your add ons both from VB days and Xenforo days...
Hope you'll still be knocking around the Forums though...
Enjoy your retirement Snog Snog. Drop me a message if you come to Philly area for the holidays this year.
Snog, I hope you have one heck of a (GREAT) retirement. :) Your add-ons have been my forum staple and when nothing else worked, they sure did! I appreciate all the hard work you have done for the XenForo community and thank you Ozzy for agreeing to take over and continue, Snog's great work!
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Snog Snog Wow I was wondering if you got kidnapped or something and the strange guy with the fake mustache was pretending to be you! :p Happy Retirement! I'm 54 and have my 30 years in at Ford but going to duck it out another ten! :p
Not been on here for a long time. It’s almost 10 years since I convinced snogg that vbulletin was being left behind and to convert the raffles mod to XenForo. Took a lot of begging lol as he’d never coded for xen before :). You been absolutely fantastic with everything you have done for me, creating some great custom addons. Sad to read your retired now