New Premium Add-on Installation

What update method for my premium add-ons would you prefer?

  • I prefer to download the add-on every time it's updated

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • I prefer a method similar to what is used now

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • I prefer to have a choice between download and a method similar to what is used now

    Votes: 1 11.1%

  • Total voters
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Some time between 9/23 and 9/29 all premium add-ons will be temporarily unavailable while I test a new delivery method for them.

This is needed to comply with the new developer guidelines that have been set by XenForo.

What this means is my installation scripts will no longer function once the change is complete. As it stands now, you will be required to download the add-ons each time there is an update.

I am not particularly thrilled with this since the method I've been using makes it very easy to install and upgrade my add-ons. I have had a discussion about this with Mike at XF and I may include a way to update that is similar to what is used now. But, I have not yet made a final decision on this. So I'm going to poll you, the owners about it.

Please note that I will disqualify any votes from users that are not current add-on owners when the poll closes.
While I understand why you do it the way you do and have no problem with it - personal preference for me is to download the files and manually upgrade myself; not because I don't trust you - I wouldn't have bought the addon in the first place if i didn't - but simply because I prefer to do it myself.
That's why I'm asking.

I'd prefer to leave it up to you, the owners and not force something on everyone again.

Whatever the final result is of the poll is what I will go with.
Yup, I know :) I just didn't want to vote without ensuring you knew it was not down to a mistrust of how you currently do it :) If that's the way the vote goes and you continue to do it the current way, it won't change my happiness to continue using it.
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The initial installation MUST change. But, I have been given the option to continue updates using the current method so long as I make it clear that executable code is being downloaded during the update.
I actually prefer the current method, it is easy and convenient. However, I can understand some people wanting to download the files so I'm not too bothered if that's the method that you go with.

I'd have thought the current setup would offer you, as author, more protection of your work from getting pirated? If it does then again I've no problem with going with a method that suits you best.
The current initial installation method does offer me more protection, however I will not be able to use that installation method in the future.
Well the way our internet works my side having to pay for every meg used the way you doing it now was better than sliced bread for me.
I don't know enough about all of this.
I have been reading all about it over on Xenforo.
I guess everyone would have different ideas to what they like best
For me either would be fine really.
I have tons of vB mods which need updating, I just can't be bothered to do it, having them updated automaticly would be great for a lazy git like me :cool:

Also I think Mike and the other staff had no choose but to do what they did with that huge problem with that coder whose add ons couldn't be unistalled due to how he coded them. If it hadn't been for that then it could have just kept the same for many years without this recent change.
It does not update automatically you still need to run the update file first but the rest it does from there as in uploading the new files. I also like it as at times just the XML file needs doing and you can never really be sure on this.
i not been on xenforo for a while/

i aint a clue what this is about lol
I haven't voted yet.
I am a new owner so I hadn't a chance to see how the updating is working.
In my opinion the system should be easy as it can be. So I prefer the easier one, which one this is I can't say.
And another important thing is. Let's say in 2 years I must do a refreshing of my forum and want to install everything again. For this I must own the files somewhere because maybe in 2 years you will not support anymore your add-on. Maybe you will have a family or you have to work etc., so no time for coding and looking after your add-on.
So it would be great to possess something. Like the zip files everywhere else. I make an archive of my add-ons so I own all the old versions, too. Just for the case I need it.
But going via ftp to the folder and searching the right components is for me too dificult. Because some of the add-ons are spreaded in many folders. So you can not know which one belongs to which one. So I would prefer sth simple like now Xenforo uses. 1-click download a zip-file which contains everything. So as long as I own this zip-file, I will always be able to use it, no matter if it gets supported or not.
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when using the upgrade and install addon, im sure a copy of the zip is saved ina folder on your server. not sure if this is the same. I dont even know what the proposed changes are
Yeah, it is saved for sure. Just where exactly? There are folders like hs, sytles and library. Some add-ons install everywhere something (not sure though). To find all components would be not easy I assume.
The zip file is not saved on your server. The only place the zip file is saved is on your computer when you initially download the add-on.
Majority rules...

All premium add-on updates must now be downloaded from your account page on this site.
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