[OzzModz] Approval Queue Improvements

[OzzModz] Approval Queue Improvements [Paid] 2.1.3

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Hey, guys:

Just bought and installed this, upgraded the standard library and while I can see in the Select All dropdown menu an option for hard delete (which is what I want, sometimes), I don't see anything different in the options on the right for new members in the approval queue, all I see is what I saw before, which is Do Nothing, Approve, Spam Clean, Reject with reason, and a checkbox for notify.

What am I missing?


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This add-on does not add any new actions to user approval queue.

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Some approval queue actions slightly hard coded in templates and not defined as the possible actions list in approval queue handler (getDefaultActions method). So and User approval queue has custom "reject" action that not listed in this method and checking "delete" doesn't work on it.

I'll send you in PM a new add-on version where is added missing actions to "select all" menu.
Thanks. It's better, but still does not do what I thought it would do, and that's to add a "hard delete" to the options available in the approval queue. The workaround is to process everyone in the queue except those you want to hard delete, and then do those all at once.

But what I really wants is like it used to be in vB- hard delete with a message, so they're blown out, get an email from us and can start over. Now, I have to open the user edit box, reject them with reason and THEN delete the account. That's a lot of work. Think this is something you could do?