[OzzModz] Auto Thread Thumbnail [Deleted]

Hi , I can only get this to work on nodes that are set to article , not sure if this is how it should be.
on a node set to General discussion, it displays no image and messes up the forum view.

and also i changing the thumbnail size didnt work for me

any help appreciated
We'll check it out as soon as possible, we are quite back logged with work.
Hi as you can see the images are coming out small - even when set to 138px

and a display of a node set to general discussion,

hope this helps


I’ll look into it when I can, we are very much backlogged with updates at the moment.
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Thanks, im hoping this would make a nice addon to look like the tmdb-plugin forum view :)
We have had a look at all the addon's code and it's a piece of crap not complying with XF standards.
  • Almost everywhere raw SQL queries are used
  • A lot of hard-coded phrases in templates and PHP files
  • Code style is not consistent
  • The templates are also made in the same messy style and with a lot of awkward moments
  • Along with other issues

So until we can write new addon from scratch with an importer if necessary, we are discontinuing this addon.