[OzzModz] Bypass Forum Approval Setting

[OzzModz] Bypass Forum Approval Setting 2.0.2

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If I remember correctly, this would allow the user with the bypass permission to be able to post in a forum even if the forum's advanced settings are set to not allow new messages to be posted in this forum. That's correct, right? :)
No, I believe this only allows those with permission to post in a forum that requires moderation without their content being moderated.
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Thanks for the clarification, Ozzy. Do you have any add-on that would do the above? I have a forum that I want to staff to be able to post to but not the regular members... and as I type this I realize I can do that likely through forum permissions and/or just moderating any user posts.. lol

Thanks :)
Question about this plugin;

The forum node has the following ticked off; Moderate new threads posted in this forum (If enabled, a moderator will have to manually approve threads posted in this forum). The registered user group has the permission "Submit content without approval" to "Yes", but the forum permission is "Bypass forum approval settings" to "Never" but somehow it doesn't require them be approved still? Shouldn't it be forced to be approved if that Bypass forum approval settings is set to Never?

Does this still work? I just tried it, and I am still receiving "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." on my end. Currently running XF 2.2.12
So, if your user is in a user-group that has the bypass marked as "no", then it will not work, even if that same user is in another user group that enables it. If you're in a user group that enables it, shouldn't that over-write the user group that marks it as "no"?