[OzzModz] Conversation Lock & Invite Permissions

[OzzModz] Conversation Lock & Invite Permissions 2.0.0

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This addon has been completely rewritten.

Uninstall any previous version you have before installing this version!!

Tim Higgins

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Hi there.
I installed the 1.0.2 version and set the permissions. I don't see an option to lock the conversation. Where is it?


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Bug report for version: 2.0.0

With permissions both set to NO for the primary user group (Registered Users) and both set to YES for the secondary user groups (Mods and Admins), I no longer get the option to unlock a Conversation when I click edit. I only get the option to edit the thread title and "Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others".

With the add-on disabled, I'll get the option to Lock/Unlock the conversation.