[OzzModz] Conversation Read Check Mark

[OzzModz] Conversation Read Check Mark 2.0.3

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I am aware, Snog wrote this addon with just basic function in mind and so we have no extended privileg settings available. I would like to achieve, that admins and mods can opt to be excluded from this functions and the conversation shows the read mark checked for those usergroups only when they have answered. You know how users can jump the train when you haven´t answered promptly, but they saw the read mark 2 hours ago..

I would like to suggest such a feature for a future release. But until that day: could you provide me/us with a quick and dirty way to implement that via a template edit?
Many thanks for this add-on which does exactly what one of my members requested. Unfortunately he is an Apple device user, and cannot see the check marks. I've had half a dozen members check on Macs, iPads and iPhones and again they cannot see the check marks: Windows, Android both work perfectly. Is this a know issue or is there a solution to make it work on Apple? Many thanks.