[OzzModz] First Post Edit Time Limit

[OzzModz] First Post Edit Time Limit 2.0.2

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I would like to prevent that the user can edit the first post in the forum "Angenommene Charaktere".
Is there a possibility?
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It should be able to be set at the node level, but for some reason it's not working.

I'll have to look into why it's not working and fix it.

EDIT: This appears to be a restriction in XenForo itself. I'll see what I can do.

EDIT 2: It is a bug in XenForo itself. It's been reported...

If they give some way around it I'll do what they suggest, but for now it looks like we may need to wait for the next XenForo release.
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The solution would be to not set the permission in the User Group itself, set the permission for the User Group for each Forum in Node permissions.

This is the permanent solution.
I'm a little confused on how this should be set. I have have the usergroup node settings as this... but they are unable to edit the thread title of their first post.

Is the thread closed?

If yes, what is the user group setting for Edit first post in own thread when thread is closed?

If that's set to 'No' and the thread is closed, they won't be able to edit the first post.

Other than that, your settings look to be OK and they should work.
Thread is not closed. They can edit the first post but cannot edit the thread title and prefix status of the first post.

The usergroup level edit time limit is 45 days. The first post is older than that. But shouldn't that be overridden by the node level settings above?
If I set the editing/delete posting from inherit to unlimited (or more than the age of that first) at the node level they can edit the thread title.
That would be correct then. This add-on allows them to edit the POST, not the THREAD title or prefix.
An additional feature to also allow the user to update/edit their thread title would be cool. Comes in handy for Classified sections, and in conjunction with your Thread Statuses add-on.
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Still running into issues with members not being able to edit their first post thread title so they can mark their ads sold using the Thread Status add-on.

Any way to let them also do the thread title too?
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I don't know what Thread Status add-on you're referring to.

But, editing the thread title isn't part of this add-on and I don't anticipate changing that.
If you're talking about the Prefix Actions add-on, there is a bug in that which is preventing the prefix from being changed after the user's edit time limit has expired. I'll issue a fix for that add-on some time next week.
Yeah, I meant Prefix Actions add-on. Thanks!
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So they will be able to change the Thread Prefix but not edit the thread title once the bug is fix?
Quick question about First Post Edit Time Limit add-on.

If the thread is locked, either by a Mod/Admin, or the OP uses a Prefix action to lock it (ex: marking a classified Sold), can they still edit the first post?
Sometimes threads need to be preserved for various reasons when locked. Can an option be implement on a per forum basis to prevent FP editing when locked?

If this option gets added at some point (still hoping that it does), also prevent thread title editing too when the thread is locked.