[OzzModz] Frequently Asked Questions

[OzzModz] Frequently Asked Questions [Paid] 2.1.2

No permission to buy ($15.00)
This update completely wiped out the entire faq.

Categories only say


And all the questions say


This is both in the admin and on the forum.

luckily this was the test site haha
K KevinL woops. Sorry about that.
I found the cause of the problem. Phrases was registered to this add-on, so any rebuild operations been the cause removal of all unused ones (that not listed in add-on data file).

The fix will be released in the next version.
Sounds good! Thank you!
Thank you for updating the addon

I am wondering if you can add some missing few features that’s admin able to import data from [XFA] Frequently Asked Questions and unfortunately the Answer textbox in adminCP doesn’t support formatting instead you have to use the html format or words is any possible you can add support formatting instead of using html format so I can easily add links or current the text
I don't see the options for these items anywhere. Can anyone give a hint where they may be?

- Added direct link to FAQ item
- Added permission to view "standalone" page

Is any possible you can add support for editor toolbar with attachments upload support for screenshots and videos
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Can you a least add a option I don’t wanted to use html code or xf phrases
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Can you aleast create a simule addon that’s has this feature. I am not great with html coding
What is the purpose of having a separate page for Questions & answer categories when you can create categories and sort from the Questions and answers page?

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Although there is no link icon, you can still copy the direct link to the question by right-clicking on it. I agree that it would be nice to have the same function as the rules addon where you have the link icon and it highlights the part.
I know I can copy link directly, but as you say, it would be nice have this function in this add-on too.
I just bought this addon. Where can i find the settings or configuration for the FAQ?