[OzzModz] Global User Ignore (Tachy Goes to Coventry)

[OzzModz] Global User Ignore (Tachy Goes to Coventry) 2.0.0 Patch Level 2

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is it possible they are globally ignored without their posts going to the approval queue? Also turning on global ignore for a user only affects their posts in the future right?

Secondly, can I force 2-way ignore for certain users?
I just installed this add-on and it hides all posts that the member ever made when I click on "messages" for the member. I can then select "Show ignored content" and see all of the posts. However, if I search for the member's posts then I can see all of the posts. Is this a glitch or by design? Thanks.
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Oh this explains it, I think this being on is what leads to users catching on faster that they're not being seen. It would be best that this doesn't happen, or an option for us to disable this.
Yes I agree it would be an excellent feature if we could decide to only hide future posts for a user instead of complete hiding. My most annoying users (ban circumventers) have figured out we use this trick on them once in a while...