[OzzModz]/[Kirby] Filtered Account Upgrades

[OzzModz]/[Kirby] Filtered Account Upgrades 2.0.0

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I am looking at this Filtered Account Upgrades, but I am not certain if it does something like this for my website.

As you know all new users are placed into the Xenforo default user group 'Registered' after that user has completed his/her registration process.

I am wondering will this add-on move the user to the upgraded account of 'Registered - Member' after the payment for this upgrade is completed?

FYI, my website only has 1 user upgrade. I want to keep it simple for everyone.

Lastly, is this add-on tied to the Xenforo default Paypal payment profile?


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No, this addon only filters the upgrades so you can list them individually.