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[OzzModz] One-Click Mark Read

[OzzModz] One-Click Mark Read [Paid] 2.0.2

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Go to profootballforums dot com and log in

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PW: Itestthehypotnuse

And try out the mark read feature.


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Love this addon. I wonder if it can work after clicking on the new posts button for the threads shown there? Thanks

Stuart Wright

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(I'm reporting a bug here because there is no 'report a bug button below' as suggested by the default text in the reply box)
There is an incompatibility between this and Xon's Moderator Essentials which displays a Moderators button above forums to display a modal showing a list of moderators of that forum.
When the user unchecks the confirmation preference checkbox so that they *do* get a confirmation, the Moderators button does not appear as it should.
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