[OzzModz] Post As User

[OzzModz] Post As User [Paid] 2.1.2

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Why this error while i'm installing?

Oops! We ran into some problems.
  • Invalid class: PB\PostAsUser\XFRM\Service\ResourceUpdate\Create
  • Please enter a valid extension class.
Now http 500 error
On any pages or only when clicking upgrade button? Can you see neew error logs in ACP?
Try to re-upload the add-on files.

But It shouldn't cause any errors if previous installation was failed:rolleyes:
When i go to some page of my community, appears http 500 error
What about ACP?
Can you uninstall the addon from CLI?

php cmd.php xf-addon:uninstall PB/PostAsUser (all addon data will lost if you usediit before)
I disinstalled by admincp
So admin panel is working? Is there any new error logs?
Reinstalling and replacing files doesn't help?

If no errors and reinstall doesn't help, tell me your server environment info: PHP & MySQL version.
Also the version of installed XenForo Resource Manager add-on.
The installation works, appear http 500 error when i browse to a profile user
No, i'm not seeing it. Just http 500 error
Can you check the server error logs please. If you don’t know where they are at, ask your host.
Can I edit a post with a new username? Or is this ONLY for new posts? Didn't know you couldn't edit old ones :(
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Dang. I bought this one because the other can't do non-existent users. We've been using that one, but have a bunch of "Guest" posts from long ago we want to rename by crawling through archive.org. Any chance you'd add editing existing posts as a capability, or is there a way to get a refund?

Thank you for your fast response.