[OzzModz] Privacy Policy Popup

[OzzModz] Privacy Policy Popup 2.0.0

No permission to download
what going on? I got this error... for all pop up add on you have here...

  • Could not process OzzModz-TermsRulesPopup-2.0.0.zip: The following requirements for [OzzModz] Terms And Rules Popup were not met: [OzzModz] Terms And Rules Popup requires 2020070.
  • Could not process OzzModz-PrivacyPolicyPopup-2.0.0.zip: The following requirements for [OzzModz] Privacy Policy Popup were not met: [OzzModz] Privacy Policy Popup requires 2020070.
  • Could not process OzzModz-HelpPopup-2.0.0.zip: The following requirements for [OzzModz] Help Popup were not met: [OzzModz] Help Popup requires 2020070.

what is 2020070???