[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator

[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator [Paid] 2.2.0

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Q: Has this been tested at all?

A: Yes, extensively. The [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator has logged over 2 million blocked bot registration attempts in exhaustive testing for five years (on vBulletin and XenForo) on several forums - without allowing ANY successful automated registrations or ever interfering with any legitimate human. It has a perfect 100 percent success service record. It has never failed, never been defeated, never been bypassed and never blocked a legitimate human registrant.
Q: What about if this becomes widely used, won't the spam system programmers easily defeat it like everything else?

A: We shall see, they'll definitely try. But we've not only thought of that, we've planned for it in advance. Many other features for this are being developed and tested, and some are ready for deployment as the need arises. We don't go into battle with just one or two weapons or ideas.
This add-on isn't setup for ipv6 and we're getting spammed with the "data too long for column ipaddress" error o_O
Any chance you can fix this?

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Q: What about all the xenforo anti-spam stuff? Does this replace it? Can I turn some of the stuff off?

A: We encourage you to experiment. By all means try turning all the xF native and 3rd party stuff like SFS, off. Turn off the intrusive irritating captchas and the timer. Ditch the silly questions. Run naked! The Spaminator will stop each and every bot that tries to register. Without fail. It's like a gill net in a lake - catches the fish who swim under, while your legit humans glide over, right on in without any hitches or silly "prove you're human" stuff. We let the bots do all the proving, let them jump through all the hoops. Make your registration process as human-friendly as possible. And please, report back to us, telling us your spaminator story. We'd love to read it!
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I should have a update this weekend. It is a bigger update (1.1.0) so taking extra time to ensure there are no issues.
would love to have statics as well besides the logs, so I can see how many people and from same ip's that are spamming my forums soi can decide to do a site ban or pass on to my upstream provider for ban at the wall.
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It's useless... IP addresses are easily spoofed and in fact usually are, in a botnet. When they're not spoofed it is legitimate service providers that through no fault of their own, happen to have some customers with zombie computers in the botnet. You'll wind up blocking legitimate people - the exact defeat of this addon.
i got it just from my look in my logs one are allways same ip and sells flowers. lol
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You have no way of knowing if that IP is spoofed. You can block it then have the exact crap coming right back with a different IP.

Playing whack-a-mole is stupid. This addon takes you into the 21st Century, away from all that caveman stuff.
I doubt I would be adding that in, as already stated, tracking and banning IP's are useless. Your better off blocking countries at the server level of you are not targeting them.
I started using this for about 24 hours and got 95 bots in my log, then log seems to have stopped after installing this addon:
It inserts a popup to choose account type before the registration form. Choosing the free account type redirects to the normal registration form, where it appears that the spaminator hidden fields are still present.

Still, despite the fields still being present it seems my log has gone dead at 95.

Can you help me troubleshoot? Can provide access to my forum if needed. Thanks!
I would rather the developer of that addon provide me a copy of the addon so I could test it out on my dev site.