[OzzModz] Scheduled Content

[OzzModz] Scheduled Content 2.1.2 Patch Level 2

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I try it and its awesome to use but can u please make a little change so that i can use this addon also for resources ?
its not working on resources :/
Feature Request: It would be awesome to have the ability to schedule XFMG and XFRM items!

Thanks for the addon! <3
When are you going to update this addon to 2.1.2?
Hello. This seems to be causing significant lag on all pages containing profile posts on our forum. I'm not sure if it is a conflict with another add-on perhaps? Attached is a log from our host. We've currently disabled this add-on and loading speeds are back to normal.


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Can you show EXPLAIN results for this query?

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Is there anyway to speed up the large batch creation of threads?

IE. I need to schedule 3 threads for every week for the next 20 weeks, each with a different prefix, title, and a basic message of "Discuss" when it does open.

Anyway to do this, even manually?
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I'm not sure this relates to what I need. I don't care about the content of the post, I just want to be able to create 100 scheduled posts say, without it taking 3 hours.
I know this is a free one and I truly appreciate that, but I just noticed something and I was wondering if it is possible to address in any potential future release...

I use Jaxel's Discord integration from 8WR and when posting into a forum which pushes threads to Discord even if a post is scheduled for a later date.. it is sent to the Discord channel immediately.

I don't know if there's a work around or enough interest to make a fix worthwhile, if even possible, but I figured it could not hurt to ask.

Thank you!