[OzzModz] Separate Active/Inactive/Installable/Legacy Addons

[OzzModz] Separate Active/Inactive/Installable/Legacy Addons 2.0.3

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Bug reported. (Sorry was not aware of a bug report button.)
Clicking Active Add-ons, then Installable add-ons, and Inactive Add-ons, no problem.

But now, click Active Add-ons, Installable add-ons.. nothing happens. It's stuck at Inactive add-ons.

The problem is shown by the following animated gif.

separate add-ons.gif
Hmm, I’m unable to replicate that. Uninstall the addon, remove all the files, and then install 2.0.1
Disable all and enable all solved the problem. I'm not sure if it's because of the fact that it also involved 'disable and enable this add-on' though. Thanks.