[OzzModz] TMDb Movie Thread Starter for XenForo 2.1+

[OzzModz] TMDb Movie Thread Starter for XenForo 2.1+ [Paid] 2.2.0 Release Canadate 2

No permission to buy ($30.00)
I'd like to make the poster sizes larger than the 185px default width - how can I change this to 250px?
Edit the snog_movies.less template, find and adjust this:

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Doesn't work - I'd already tried this:

Is there any movement on this Ozzy47 ozzy47 ? I'm wondering if this is hard coded into the system because changing the CSS makes no difference.

With thanks
Okay, add this to your extra.less template:

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moviethreadposter is the container, moviethreadposter img is the image, adjust both as desired.
Sorted - thanks for doing this, much appreciated - the posters look much better at a larger size :)
Is this expected to work without any issues on 2.2 ? Many thanks
You're a star ^
Ozzy47 ozzy47 Hey I'm using Jaxel's Xenporta and I like to attach a header to the movies for the frontpage portal and it requires pulling image from Attachments. I believe it was working a long time ago with this addon is there anyway you can modify this addon to allow Attachments to show? If there is anything you need to make this happen let me know.
I have no clue, but I doubt anything has changed in the addon to change any behavior. I would get ahold of TickTackk over on XF to make any adjustments you need.
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Who you answering? :eek:
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I didn't get the TickTackk comment? I know you use a custom template that nests above the post so it's not like a regular post. The TV addon the Attachments show up. I don't think it's Jaxels Xenporta addon preventing this
Hi Ozzy47 Ozzy47 I have been told to contact you for requesting to support extents api for mobile app for your addons

Here more information:
I’ve no intentions of adding support for that. As is with TapaTalk, it would be up to the app developer to support third party addons.
When viewing a node with threads that have been added using the addon, I can sort/filter by release. Where members/myself have added movies in any order over time, it looks great to sort these by release date.

When going to my node in the acp, I was thinking I could default sort by release - but none of the additional filters that apply to the addon within public view are here. Is it possible to default sort by release? That way, my releases are in chronological order. It would make sense.

Also, is there any scope to add the ability to re-upload or change poster images when stored locally? Hope this addon gets an update that could make it so much better than it already is (it's great!) :)

Thanks Ozzy
Is there a guide to how to set this up? I haven't needed to add a new tv show thread in awhile and am now lost as to how to do it.
So currently I have many of your add-ons/resources setup and I love them. My TV Show Add On is setup to make a node for each TV Show that is added. This allows for ALL TV Shows to display on ONE xenforo page in alphabetical order. I was wondering if this feature could be added to the Movie Add On as well. It would be a great addition!

This is how the current TV Show Add On looks.

But the Movies area ends up looking like this:

This makes the movies all out of order according to reply. Putting them in alphabetical order all on one page would help immensely. Really hoping this can be added. I would be willing to pay for this to be added if it was an upper tier level for the add on. Hoping this can be added.