[OzzModz] User Thread Log

[OzzModz] User Thread Log 2.0.0

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Thank you for continuing this add-on. It should be very handy for keeping track of RPG threads! I enabled it and set all permissions for user groups to yes, but it still says "There are no threads to display." Am I missing something? Or does it need to be updated?

I was also wondering if a couple of features could be added. In the original add-on by Shinka, you could choose the specific forums that would show up in the thread log. Is this possible?

It would also be amazing if it was able to show not just threads a user has started, but all threads they have participated in. This is because often in RPGs users will take part in threads started by another character in NPC, but those threads won't show up with this add-on and it would be a huge help.