[OzzModz] XFRM Discussion Thread Tweaks

[OzzModz] XFRM Discussion Thread Tweaks [Paid] 2.0.0

No permission to buy ($10.00)
It is possible to add 1 more feature? the only I want basically
I want to have the first post on the resource creation but I don't want the comment auto posting on the resource update.
I want to stop auto commenting on the resource update, bookmarked the add on to buy if I see this feature available.
this addon ask to install standart library by xon
also please, write that this addon requires existing thread to choose

i thought it does need any thread and will create discussion button on resource
Where I can edit the content of the created thread? I found it on the code but I don't want to modify the add-on code
Maybe there is a template we can edit ? found the phrase xfrm_resource_thread_create but idk if is that I must edit

Also is possible for bulk thread create for the resources without thread?
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Ok I managed already this, I had to edit the phrase xfrm_resource_thread_create