[OzzModz] Zip Preview

[OzzModz] Zip Preview [Paid] 2.1.4 Patch Level 1

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Hi Ozzy

could you please, upload more pics of this add on combined with Post Attachment List Enhancement? how it looks

i have this on resources.

secondly: does this support only zip files or rar as well?

yes on a forum, zip file only shows preview but not rar

in resources rar file can be previewed
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that is rar file in resources
hi Ozzy
still waiting for rar preview.
also need to fix view window pop up, set max window size with scroller. right now it shows long window if many files
It’s in not going to be possible to add support for rar files because AFAIK ZipArchive class does not support that.
you could create another new add on rar preview