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Hi Snog,

how does the monthly period run? The last addon i have use resets every 30 days so that the month was always some days shorter than it's supposed to be.

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They both reset on the first of each month. I've never see the XF 1 version do it every 30 days.

But, I don't show you owning the XF 1 version. Could you send your license info by PC so I can see which license is yours and correct that problem.
My 2 have always turned over on the 1st of each month.
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Sorry no the donation addon is from a other person. Thats the reason why i looking vor a new one ;)
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I see. :)

You need to understand that this add-on only works with PayPal and the built in XenForo user upgrade system. It doesn't add new payment providers or change the user upgrade system in any major way (except to make upgrades purchasable multiple times).
I've got a problem, Snog Snog .

When I send the thank you PC to users, even if they do reply, I can't see their reply in any ways. How come?
I've set up the add-on to set ME as sender of the PC (and indeed they confirmed they received the PC from me) but when they reply, I can't see their reply as the PC doesn't appear in my account.

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The Thank you PC is automatically deleted from your PCs with "Ignore future messages" set. It was originally set up that way because admins were being flooded by replies to the thank you PC and they didn't want that.

I'll look into making accepting replies an option in the next release.
Since it was a quick fix and there's aren't many people using the XF 2 version yet, I decided to just put a hot fix to the current version on the download server.

Download the add-on, upload the files to your server. Then in the Admin->Add-ons section, select "Rebuild" from the dropdown menu for the donation system.

Once you've done that, you'll have the option to accept replies. Check the box if you want to do that.

Oh thank you so much Snog Snog, you're the best :)
I had this particular need because users will have to provide me a particular info after upgrading their account as I manually upgrade another account of them on a file hosting I manage. Thanks.
Snog Snog it seems, after I check the box, it doesn't get saved. I click Save but the checkbox is unchecked after that. Is it normal?
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No, that's not normal.

It works on my development server, let me check it on another server.
In the meantime, can I force this setting somehow from the database?
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It's actually saved just not displayed.

But I've already located the problem. Same as before, download the add-on again, upload the files to your server and "Rebuild".
I'd have another request (I know I'm recently annoying you a lot, and I'm sorry about it but I'm new to XenForo and I'm used to many things I can't find in XenForo because they don't yet exist or I can't find the setting probably). For example, it would be possible to show the date of the donation when hovering the avatar of the user who donated in the donors widget? Or, alternatively, showing it as text under the avatar, in a fancy box.

Visual example of the second option:

I used simple css, the style is not the best, but I did it in 3 minutes to show you what I meant.

Another suggestion I have is to optimize the script in order to avoid loading images when not needed.

For example:

Couldn't it be optimized by replacing the background with pure css such as:

What do you think?

That type of information is hidden from all but admins and the user themself. Due to people complaining that they don't want their information shown, that information is considered private and is not shown to other people. If you hover on the user in the donator list, their expiration date is shown in the member card. If there is no expiration date, nothing is shown.


But you are free to do what you want on your site.

So far as the image, I'll take that into consideration. But it's a very small amount of data that's transferred. I think it's somewhere around a whopping 400 bytes.
Yes, I'm aware of the ridiculous size of the picture, I just wanted to save an additional request to the server (two, if we consider the red picture, too), that's all :) Thanks for your kind reply!

Does your explanation apply to the need of showing how much a user donated to the site, too?
I was thinking this add-on could've served also the purpose of allowing people free donations, and not just donations in order to get a membership upgrade (which isn't anymore a donation, but a payment this way).

It's ok, on my site I have user upgrades, but I'd also love to let people making free donations (missing option in this add-on) and to show how much they donated as in the past I knew users wanted their donated amount to be vieweable publicly to show how much they supported my site.

Thanks for your time.
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