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I have a regular token of Xenforo's license but, for strange reason, it appear not valid.
I controlled my license data, and inserted it here, but doesn't work and so i can't buy the mod "Social groups".
May someone help me?
All forum tokens for a customer at XenForo are associated with the same customer information supplied by XenForo. And the customer token for the forum token you supplied does not match what is recorded on your account here.

Do you own the XenForo license, or does someone else own it?
I'm the only one owner, bought license, i have a regular token, i try to access to your link for purchase mod, but appear not valid.
Did you just purchase the XenForo license from someone else?
Sorry for all the questions... did you just purchase it recently?

Customer tokens do not change at XenForo, that's why I'm asking all of these questions.
Something is not fitting here. If you just purchased it recently, the forum license would be transferrable and the license token you're entering is not transferrable. That means you're either using someone else's license token, or you purchased a used/untransferrable license.

Contact XenForo and ask them why your customer token does not match your original one from They should be able to correct the problem. And then you'll be able to validate here.
The key in what I posted is this...

You must validate your XenForo license to see quoted content

If you purchased it recently from XenForo like you said, the license would be transferrable. It is not.
If you don't believe me, i give you access to my xenforo and you can verify that i'm not telling you lies.
I am not going to do that.

You said you purchased the license from XenForo recently. If you did, the license would be transferrable. According to the license token you entered, it is not (see red shaded area)...

And the customer token in that screenshot does not match the one that is attached to your account.

You need to contact XenForo and have this corrected.
Now that are you telling me, it's probable that this account of it's an account united to an old license that i taken for xenforo?
You must validate your XenForo license to see quoted content
Customer tokens do not change. If you own multiple copies of XenForo, the customer token is the same for all of them.

The customer token for would be the same as the one for the license you're entering. You need to contact XenForo and have this corrected.

If you in fact purchased a used/untransferrable license, there is nothing anyone can do, including me.
You must validate your XenForo license to see quoted content
OK, I'll do this but it will take some time for them to get back to me.

I will contact XenForo to verify it's a new license. If it's new, that would explain why it's not transferrable.

Please check back with me tomorrow afternoon/evening. I should have a reply by then.