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New Joe

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I noticed that this is a function on here, where you can highlight text in a post and quote just that highlighted text

This is one of the mods I love with vB which i use, so is this an add on mod you are using or a built in core feature of the latest xenforo software?

I see it's part of the core, just read it over on xenforo.
Now if only it would not take you to the bottom of the page, so if you wanted to quick quote from other posts you have to scroll back up the page.
The vB mod I use, when you highlight and click the pop up quote button, it opens the reply box right under the actual post you are on, just make life easier for me....
Click +quote in the selection box that comes up, then go to the reply box and click insert quotes.
You must validate your XenForo license to see quoted content

Very cool feature
Another reason to move over to XF :D